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CARING is the essence of NURSING. -Jean Watson

Nursing Path

Knowing is not enough, we must APPLY. Willing is not enough, we must DO. -Bruce Lee

Nursing Path

Treat the patient as a whole, not just the hole in the patient.

Nursing Path

Success is not final. Failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts. -Winston Churchill

Nursing Path

A problem is a chance for you to do your best. -Duke Ellington

Charity partners with NHS and RCN to open up nursing careers

How we can deliver the nursing recruitment revolution together

Giving patients decaf drinks reduces falls risk and improves care

Robin Swann to step down as Northern Ireland’s health minister

Inquiry into mental health deaths calls on nurses to come forward

Nursing charity dedicated to Mary Seacole appoints three new leaders

Leading nursing researcher to be director of new RCN institute

Part-time roles ‘positively associated’ with retaining nurses

AI ‘improves’ nurse–doctor collaboration in spotting deterioration

New oral treatment to prevent migraines recommended by NICE

Heart failure ‘most common’ complication of atrial fibrillation

First care home provider to gain top status for preceptorship scheme

Student nurse wins award for research on ketamine for depression

Up to three-quarters of NHS staff struggling with mental health

Welsh Government told to tighten minimum nurse staffing laws

Action needed to reduce risk of surgical swabs being left in patients

Mental health nurse among the faces of a new university campaign

US nurses air worries about workforce shortages in America

Blood glucose test ‘underestimates’ diabetes risk in South Asians

New occupational health mentoring scheme to be launched

Nurses feel ‘abandoned’ as trust remains silent on redundancy pay

Senior care home nurse recognised with gold social care award

Investing in nursing makes ‘economic sense’, says ICN

NHS England warns against pay rise above 2% for nurses

Struggling hospices receive £4m to keep services going

NHS Employers latest to reject separate nurse pay spine

Only quarter of nurses would recommend working in NHS

Wales mandates preceptorship and clinical supervision for nurses

Nursing and midwifery at Birmingham City University

Understaffed nursing shifts leading to ‘red flag’ events

‘Ignorant vandalism’: Unison members oppose nurse pay spine

Exclusive: Student nurses to qualify late due to hours confusion

NHS pay reforms still urgently needed, warn Unison members

Pay campaign sees 35,000 HCAs and some nurses up-banded

Community mental health nurses boost GP patient wellbeing

Nurses supporting pilot to install sanitary bins in male toilets

Nursing staff suffering panic attacks and stress-related issues

Study challenges idea student nurses need prior care experience

One in 10 NHS workers experiencing sexual harassment

Working well in health – supporting sustainable workforce development

Medical-surgical Nursing Quiz Series - 77

Medical-surgical Nursing Quiz Series - 78

NHS unions raise alarm over delayed pay offer for 2024-25

Nurse appeal leads to creation of end-of-life ‘wedding service’  

Nurses ‘vital’ for tackling rising global mental health care needs

Charity to expand global nursing partnership in Kenya

Chief nurse of UK’s largest NHS trust retires after 40-year career

Further detail unveiled about scope of ARRS ‘enhanced level’ nurses

NMC launches forum to support UK’s international nursing workforce

Healthcare regulators back implementation of Martha’s Rule

Sustainability: nurses demand e-cars and waste reforms

How should the next government approach social care?

NMC closes temporary Covid-19 register

The nursing faith groups tackling health inequalities

The impact on nurses when a patient dies by suicide

Anatomy and Physiology Quiz Series - 49

Anatomy and Physiology Quiz Series - 50

Heart helpline doubles number of nurses to cope with demand

Free hospital parking in Northern Ireland to be delayed

Report: Future Nurse roundtable on remote care

Regulation of advanced practice nurses to go ahead

NMC agrees to regulate nursing associates in Wales

Government urged to reverse cuts to NHS staff wellbeing hubs

Guide for nursing directors on reducing health inequalities

RCN Wales lays out demands for new first minister

UK losing nurses to three higher paying countries, data suggests

‘Exciting’ results from health visitors’ trial of assessment tool

Covid-19: life as nurses in first critical incident hospital

More nurses to receive government-funded ‘Covid bonus’

Nurses in primary care settings key to improving veterans’ care

University teams up with school to launch healthcare course

Nurses championed on social media by multibillionaire Elon Musk   

Northern Ireland pay deal to be implemented, despite union split

Cancer patients given access to trials via innovative advocacy service

Audit finds ‘weaknesses’ in modelling used for NHS workforce plan

Thirlwall Inquiry: Nurse whistleblowers apply to give evidence

Nurse set to become chief exec of new Lincolnshire NHS ‘group’

MPs urge government to publish social care workforce plan

Online toolkit for treating infections after hip replacement ops

Nurses cautioned on patient confidentiality amid royal data breach

More school nurses needed to quell ‘horrifying’ child health slump

Joint hypermobility syndrome linked to increased risk of long Covid

NMC puts forward proposals for advanced practice regulation

Over 600k days lost to nurse mental ill health in NHS Scotland

Government backs ‘4D tech’ to prevent falls in social care settings

Fuel poverty scheme helping nurses to make ‘unbelievable difference’

Progress ‘critical’ on tackling racial discrimination in NHS

Call for NHS to do more to deliver services that poor can access

Mental healthcare provider appoints new director of nursing

Agency and bank nurses a ‘missing voice’ from safety investigations

Study links nurse intention to quit with patient mortality

Nursing Times Awards highlights: Nursing in the Community

Nursing Times Awards highlights: Technology and Data in Nursing

Nursing Times Awards highlights: Patient Safety Improvement category

Pilot launched in London to develop cancer CNS workforce

New leadless pacemaker gives Yorkshire nurse ‘her life back’

Lucy Letby’s next court dates announced

UK health leaders demand government scraps Rwanda bill

Preceptorship now on national agenda, says NHS leader

Digital nurses needed in all care settings, says England’s CNIO

NHS introduces paid leave for staff who miscarry

Nurses urged to renew focus on patient nutrition and hydration

‘Gaps’ in preventative care for people with learning disabilities

More and more nurses applying to leave England for ‘better pay’

NICE recommends new ulcerative colitis treatment for NHS use

Experienced nurse leader takes on academic role with university

‘Poignant’ Covid-19 portraits go on display in Greater Manchester

A new exhibition featuring artist portraits of nurses during the Covid-19 pandemic has opened in the North West of England. Nursing staff at Stockport NHS Foundation Trust were among those whose portraits are being displayed at a gallery in the Greater Manchester town until April.…

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Nursing regulator aiming to lead health sector on decarbonisation

Project helping to boost nursing associations in Africa

Nurse chief executive moving health boards

Long Covid health workers to team up in mass lawsuit

Care homes to receive 7% rise in funding for nursing

Lasting impact: nurses reflect on Covid four years on

Many nurses facing harassment, shows NHS Staff Survey

‘Maternity safety’ investment to boost recruitment and training

Long Covid: health workers take case to court

Spring budget 2024: Tech investment for NHS ‘productivity’

Study finds three-quarters of nurses burned out after Covid

Poll suggests public back loan forgiveness for nurses

Nurses consulted on 2023-24 Northern Ireland pay offer

The public health improvements wanted by nurses

Manifesto by Nurses: tell us your sustainability ideas

Endometriosis: report calls for better nurse training

Reduced working week for Scotland nurses from April

‘Stretched’: DHSC submits evidence for 2024-25 pay deal

Exclusive: Scottish CNO reflects on legacy and challenges

Spring budget: Hunt urged to forgive nurse student loans

Nurses have ‘central role’ in improving lung cancer care

Nurse-led scheme helping refugees gain NMC registration

RCN continues equality and diversity reforms

Investment in mental health hubs ‘must be one step of many’

ICU nurse leading national rehabilitation campaign

Nurses given bodycams after surge in abuse from patients

NMC updates guidance on abuse by nurses outside of work

Nurse striving to remove barriers for colour blind patients

New chief nurse at Birmingham mental health trust

Northern Ireland nurses finally receive 2023-24 pay offer

Senior Filipino nurse championing social care nursing

‘Significant changes’ needed to Scottish health service

NICE updates sepsis guideline to better ‘target’ use of antibiotics

RCN calls for members’ thoughts on separate pay spine

Luton nurse wins award for inclusive palliative care

New support for overseas nurses to reduce OSCE anxiety

Scotland short of Parkinson’s specialist nurses, warns charity

CNOs to support creation of Wales nursing workforce plan

Nurse leaders celebrate five years of nursing associates in England

Public health nurses welcome ban on disposable vapes

Diabetes nursing group creates leaflet on safety in Ramadan  

Nurse jailed for sexually assaulting woman in her home

Children’s hospital appoints lead sepsis nurse after boy’s death

NHS database takes step towards ‘seamless care’ in Wales

Northern Ireland: Nursing unions ‘taking stock’ after strike

Agencies object to use of their nurses to cover strikes

College exhibition explores nursing history and ‘challenges’

Nurses warn of ‘postcode lottery’ for NHS ear wax removal

National partnership hopes to improve maternal outcomes

Calls for nurse training to spot diabetes disordered eating

New PPE and isolation rules as measles outbreaks worsen

Sexual health clinics at ‘breaking point’, say nurses and councils

New vaccination drive in England to tackle measles surge

Nurse guilty of sexually assaulting 85-year-old woman

Care home staff describe ‘traumatic’ Covid experiences

Preceptorship survey: last chance to take part

Nurses warned about ongoing shortage of diabetes drugs

Northern Ireland: Legislation announced after nurse strikes

‘Signs of improvement’ in data on learning disability deaths

Nurse wellbeing concerns as Middle East war escalates

Nurses stage 24-hour strike action in Northern Ireland

Nurses in Northern Ireland consider quitting over poor pay

Mesothelioma specialist nurse appointed for Wales

Trust leading UK-first syphilis screening programme in ED

Fresh nurse-backed call for universal free school meals

International Nurses Day 2024 theme revealed

Chief nurse says retention scheme kept workforce ‘afloat’

New chief nurse for Yorkshire mental health trust

Mental health nurse to run for London mayor

Global nursing body calls for reckoning on gender equality

Nursing Times features in new series of Call the Midwife

‘Widespread disruption’ expected in Northern Ireland strikes

Midlands mental health trust appoints new chief nurse

Poor mental health in children ‘spiralling out of control’

Health visitors key to Labour’s child health action plan

Government unveils plans to boost domestic social care workforce

‘Strong leadership’ key to tackling poor A&E working practices

NHS England to stop national funding for GPN retention scheme

Nurse of the Year transforming lives of vulnerable groups

Earlier lipid checks urged to prevent heart disease cases

Resources and planning vital for protecting NHS, nurses say

Report finds permanent and temporary nurses ‘in short supply’

Research nurses developing dementia support for family carers

Nurse aged 70 cycles over 330km to raise money for nursing charity

Critical care nurse wins top navy reserve award

Exclusive: Other UK countries also exploring idea of nursing associates

Father and daughter qualify as nurses at same time

Most palliative care nurses feel unable to meet patient needs

Wales ‘considering’ nursing associate role

RCN to lobby for ‘big commitments’ on pay and staffing

Letby inquiry: Former nurse director among ‘core participants’

Manifesto by Nurses: Tell us your ideas for nurse education

FGM specialist among nurses named in 2024 New Year Honours

Former nurse leader reflects on career in Northern Ireland

Difference between seminar and symposium

 A seminar and a symposium are both events where individuals gather to discuss and exchange information on a particular topic. However, there are differences in their formats, structures, and purposes:

  1. 1. Format and Structure:

    1. Seminar: Typically, a seminar is a smaller event where a single expert or a few experts present their ideas, research, or findings on a specific subject. The emphasis is often on interaction between the presenter and the audience, allowing for questions, discussions, and sometimes group activities.
    2. Symposium: A symposium is usually a larger event that involves multiple presenters, often organized into thematic sessions or panels. Each presenter gives a short presentation, and there is usually a designated time for questions and discussions at the end of each session.
  2. 2. Purpose:

    1. Seminar: The primary goal of a seminar is to provide in-depth information on a particular topic through a focused presentation or series of presentations. It may aim to enhance participants' understanding of a subject or facilitate discussions on a specific issue.
    2. Symposium: Symposia are often organized to bring together experts from various fields to explore different aspects of a broader theme. The goal is to encourage interdisciplinary discussions, exchange diverse perspectives, and promote collaboration.
  3. 3. Audience Interaction:

    1. Seminar: There is usually more direct interaction between the presenter and the audience in a seminar. Participants can ask questions, seek clarification, and engage in discussions with the presenter.
    2. Symposium: While there is still room for audience interaction in a symposium, it may be more structured, with designated Q&A sessions at the end of each presentation or panel.
  4. 4. Duration:

    1. Seminar: Seminars can vary in duration but are often shorter in length, ranging from a few hours to a full day.
    2. Symposium: Symposia are typically longer events, sometimes spanning multiple days, especially if they cover a wide range of topics or involve numerous presenters.

In summary, while both seminars and symposia involve the presentation and discussion of information, seminars tend to be more focused, with fewer presenters and a greater emphasis on audience interaction, whereas symposia are larger, interdisciplinary events with multiple presenters and a broader thematic scope.