Research Statement (Mental Health Nursing)


1.      A Comparative study to assess the level of anxiety among pre-operative cardiac patients & their family members in a specific hospital at Coimbatore.

2.      A Study on nursing assessment of load of spouses of patients diagnosed with schizophrenia undergoing treatment at NIMHANS.

3.      A Study to assess the coping strategies among the family members of patients with HIV infection in a hospital at Chennai.

4.      A Study to assess the effect of structured teaching programme regarding mental retardation on Knowledge and Attitude among mothers of mentally retarded children in selected rural areas of Madurai.

5.      A Study to assess the level of depression among alcoholics by using beck depression inventory in the Institute of Mental Health Chennai.

6.      A Study to assess the level of depression among HIV infected patients by using beck depression inventory.

7.      A Study to assess the level of depression among women who were attending a selected Infertility Clinic.

8.      A Study to assess the level of stress among married and unmarried women nurses working in selected hospital at Chennai.

9.      A Study to assess the level of stress among nurses working in operation rooms in a specific hospital at Bhopal.

10. A Study to assess the level of stress and coping among destitute women in selected destitute homes at Chennai.

11. A Study to assess the level of well being among institutionalized and non-institutionalized elderly at Chennai.

12. A Study to assess the Quality of life of patients with HIV infection and its relationship to family support at selected hospitals in Madurai.

13. A Study to compare the Behavioural problems and family background of Juvenile delinquents with normal school children of selected institutions of South Tamil Nadu.

14. A Study to compare the level of depression among elderly men and women in old age home at Chennai.

15. A Study to determine the Knowledge and attitude of parents of psychiatric in-patients regarding mental illness in selected psychiatric centres of Madurai.

16. A Study to determine the prevalence and factors influencing anti-social behaviour among adolescents in selected arts and science colleges of Madurai.

17. A Study to evaluate the effect of informational booklet on Knowledge and anxiety level among familymembers of the patients undergoing Electro Convulsive Therapy in Government Rajaji Hospital Madurai.

18. A Study to evaluate the effectiveness of the planned teaching programme on the knowledge of tobacco and Health among Adolescents in selected Engineering college Namakkal District.

19. Assessment of mental health characteristics of late adolescent age group population.

20. Assessment of Psychosocial problems & coping strategies adopted by wives of Alcoholics at Arakkampakkam Avadi.

21. Assessment of relationship between family interaction and problems faced by neurotic clients.

22. Assessment of the Mental Health knowledge practices of multipurpose health workers & their perceived need for Community Mental Health Services in selected Primary Health centres of Villupuram District Tamilnadu.

23. Assessment of the informational needs on Schizophrenia & the level of involvement among the significant family members in the care of their Schizophrenic clients at SCARF Chennai

24. Assessment of the level of awareness on problems of drug dependence among adolescent students in selected settings at chennai.

25. Assessment of Various factors contributing to the psychological well-being of industrial workers of TI Cycles of India Ambattur Chennai.

26. Comparative study to assess the stress & coping strategies of Nurses who are working in General wards & Psychiatric wards of selected Hospitals in Tamil Nadu.

27. Comparative study of the Psychological problems among Adolescent Boys & Girls in Selected Higher Secondary Schools in Ariyalur District.

28. Comparative study on the Wellbeing among Elderly couples living in the Joint Family in a Selected Rural Area of Chennai.

29. Comparison of the Stress and Coping strategies among the parents of children with Mental Retardation in a selected setting Chennai.

30. Study on Psychosocial problems faced by elderly living in their own homes in a Selected Village in Tamilnadu.

31. Study to assess the Knowledge of school teachers regarding Mental health problems related to adjustments of adolescents & Teachers role perception in promotion of Mental Health in selected schools at Uthiramerur.

32. Study to assess the Parental attitude towards their Mentally Retarded Child attending a selected school for the Mentally Retarded Thindal.

33. Study to compare the Adjustment problems & their coping strategies of the Adolescents in home with adolescents living in orphanages in Selected areas of Madurai.

34. Study to determine the effectiveness of combined interventional strategy in reducing anxiety of patients undergoing cardiac catheterization at selected hospital in Madurai.

35. Study to determine the effectiveness of counseling in reducing the psycho social problems Experiences by HIV positive patients in selected Hospitals at Madurai.

36. Study to determine the effectiveness of structured Reminiscence Psychotherapy on the Level of Mental Health of Old Age Home Residents.

37. Study to determine the level and the influencing factors of depression between elderly People who reside in old age homes & who live in families in the selected areas of Madurai.

38. Study to determine the level of Family Burden of Family members of Schizophrenic Patients at selected Hospital in Madurai.

39. Study to determine the prevalence and Variables related with Dyslexia among School Children of selected schools in Madurai.

40. Study to evaluate a structured teaching programme on Home management of Tuberculosis in terms of knowledge & Practice among defaulters in Government Rajaji Hospital at Madurai.


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