MCQ. Psychology

Psychology Quiz

1. Behaviourism, 'the science of behaviour" was proposed by:
A. Sigmond Freud
B. Erik Erickson
C. JB Watson
D. Ivan Pavlov

2. What did Freud believe most, if not all, of all our behaviour?
A. Concious experiences
B. Gestalt perceptions
C. The unconcious mind
D. Observable experiences

3. Who among the following would be LEAST likely to talk about unconcious mind and conflicts?
A. Wundt
B. James
C. Watson
D. Wertheimer

4. Behaviour means:
A. Outward or overt action and reactions
B. Mental processes
C. Internal covert process
D. Meaningful thoughts

5. Operant conditioning was proposed by:
A. Ivan pavlov
B. BF Skinner
C. Sigmond Freud
D. Abraham Maslow

6. Which theory views that people have free-will and potential for self-actualization?
A. Behaviourism
B. Psychodynamic theory
C. Cognitive theory
D. Huamnism

7. Indian Psychoanalytic Society was established by:
A. Prof. S. M Mohisin
B. Dr. NN Sengupta
C. Prof. Girindra Sehkhar Bose
D. H.P Maiti

8. Which of the following specialization in psychology deals with diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders?
A. Clinical
C. Experimental
D. Personality

9. Gestalt is aGerman term meaning:
A. "Self- reliance"
B. "Good form"
C. "Internal conflicts"
D. "Meaning"

10. Cognitive Dissonance as a Theory of the Self was proposed by:
A. Leon Festinger
B. Abraham Maslow
C. Abraham Maslow
D. Eroc Burne

1. C
2. C
3. C
4. A
5. B
6. D
7. C
8. A
9. B
10. A


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