Flannel Group

A flannel board is simply a board covered with flannel or felt, and is used by placing shapes, symbols, and story character cutouts on it.It has found its significance,as it hlps in comprehension by its attractiveness.
Requirements Featues &uses:
  • Size-1.5X1.5
  • Inclinaion at 45degree angle
  • Large cutouts from the flannel cloh or paper cutouts
  • Placement in a sequential order
  • Change of pictures as needed
  • Used in eduction & Play
  • Brings about Creativity & Interest
  • Store cutouts in envelops or papr bags
  • Used for smaller group
Cover the board with felt or heavy flannel. This will provide a background base for  cutouts. Black and light blue colors work well for this. Measure the board, and allow for a two-inch overlap on all of the sides.  When securing the fabric, avoid using glue on the front side of the board under the fabric. Glue will interfere with the static electricity needed to make the cutouts adhere to the board.

Cutouts can be created with any material that will cling to the board. Here are some recommendations: felt, interfacing, construction paper, etc. When using paper shapes, covering them with contact paper, or having them laminated is recommended; Doing so will make your pieces sturdy. Attaching some pieces of felt or sandpaper to back sides of the covered paper pieces will ensure that they will stick to the board, too.
A flannel graph affords more room for originality and use of colourful,eyeappealing displays .Creative teachers and sudents ar limited only by their inventiveness in adapting matrials to various ways of presentation as an inheren part of the content


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