DOs and DON'Ts in Lecture

1. As the lecture is one of the common methods of teaching, here are a few DO'S and DON'T'S for a  lecturer.
2. DO plan your lesson in advance. This constitutes the skill of lesson planning.
3. DO prepare good audio-visual material and use them properly.
4. DO always keep the audience in mind. The material should be appropriate to the needs and background of the students.
5. DO recognize the limitations of time. Highlighting significant points is more important than "Covering the portion".
6. DO plan illustrative anecdotes or case reports. A carefully chosen "for instance" is very helpful in clarifying a difficult point.
7. DO plan to ask questions or pose problems at intervals to create and sustain interest.
8. DO try to keep the attention of the students throughout the lecture. This is done by Stimulus Variation (Refer Stimulus Variation).
9. DO show enthusiasm and interest in the subject and students. 
-0. DO summarise the main points towards the end of the lecture.
-1. DO evaluate your performance.
-2. DON'T lecture (give a monologue) for  more  than 20 minutes   at a stretch.
-3. DON'T  be too sensitive to yawns, restlessness, whispered conversations etc. on the part of the students. They should not be taken as personal affront, but as pointers to change the strategy of presentation.
-4. DON'T  try to be complete.
-5. DON'T  mention anything only once.
-6. DON'T restate. CREATE !
-7. DON'T confess. PROFESS!


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