Sociology Studies Society Scientifically 

A scientific knowledge of society is the prerequisite to any marked improvement in the state of human affairs.

  • Sociology studies roles of the institutions in the development of the individual: Sociology studies social institutions and the relation of the individual to each of these institutions. The home and the family, the school and education, the church and religion, the state and government, industry and work, the community and associations - these are the great institutions through which society functions.
  • The study of sociology is indispensable for understanding and planning of society: Society is complex phenomenon with a multiplicity of intricacies. It is almost impossible to understand it and solve its various problems without the study of sociology. A certain amount of knowledge about the society is necessary before any social policy can be carried out. For example, a policy of population control cannot be determined in exclusive economic terms because matters of family organization, customs and traditional values must be taken into account, and these require a sociological type of analysis.
  • Sociology is of great importance in solving social problems: The present world is suffering from many problems which can be solved only through a scientific study of the society. It is obvious that social  evils do not just happen. Everything has its due cause. It is the task of sociology to study that social problems through the methods of scientific research and find out solutions for them.
  • Sociology has drawn our attention to the intrinsic worth and dignity of man: Sociology has been instrumental in changing our attitude towards human beings. In such a huge and specialized society as ours, we are all limited as to the amount of the organization and culture that we can experience directly  
  • Sociology has changed our outlook with regard to the problem of crime, etc.: Again it is through the study of sociology that our whole outlook on various aspects of crime has been changed. The sciences of criminology and penology, social work and social therapy, which are rendering commendable service in understanding social situations and solving individual problems, are but handmaids of sociology.
  • Sociology has made a great contribution to human culture: Human culture has been enriched by the contribution of sociology, which has removed many cobwebs from our minds and knowledge and inquiry. Sociology also impress egoistic ambitions and class hatted.
  • Sociology is of great importance in solving International problems: The progress made by physical sciences has brought some nations of the world to a stage of advancement that is much ahead as compared to those who have been left behind by the revolutionary progress of the science.
  • Sociology is useful as a teaching subject: In view of its importance, sociology is becoming popular as a teaching subject also. It is being accorded as important place in the curriculum of college and universities.
  • Sociology as a Profession: The value of sociology lies in the fact that it keeps us up to date on modern situations; it contributes to making good citizens; it contributes to solving community problems; it adds to knowledge of society; it identifies good government with community and it helps one understand the causes of things; and so on 


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