In order to share or report the research findings, researcher has to follow some criteria, which are as follows:

1. Selecting proper channel for communicating: The researcher has to select suitable and appropriate channel to disseminate his or her research findings, such as student-related outlets are these and dissertation; however, professional academicians generally need publication of research articles in professional journals, books, or oral research presentations in conference through papers or slides.

2. Knowing the consumers: Researchers must know in advance to whom they want to communicate their research findings, such as nursing research findings to clinical bedside nurses, nurse educators, nurse administrators, health care professionals, or even the general public. This will help in choosing the right method, mode, and content of research to be communicated.

3. Developing an effective plan for writing a research report: A plan for writing a research includes the following aspects:

  • Decide on authorship: Researchers have to decide among themselves as to who will be the leading author and the contributing authors. The International Committee of Medical Journal Editor (ICMJE) advice that authorship credits should be given only to those who have made a substantial contribution to the conceptual designs of the study, data analysis and interpretations, drafting or revising the manuscript, and approving the final version of the manuscript.
  • Deciding about the content: Researchers also have to decide how many papers are required to communicate the findings of the research effectively, as sometimes researchers collect a huge amount of data that cannot be communicated in a single paper.
  • Preparing outline of report: It is important that if there are multiple authors of a report, each one has responsibility for different sections of manuscript. The advantages of having an outline is that it can be incorporated into a timeline that sets goals for completing the manuscript.
  • Assemble the material needed to begin a draft and finally start preparing a report with outlined timeline.
4. Careful selection of a journal for publication of a report: In selecting a journal for publication, some important factors must be kept in mind such as the journal's goal, audience, its prestige, acceptance, and frequency of publication.

5. Careful review of the author's manuscript guidelines: Researchers need to be careful to review the journal instructions to authors because each journal has its own guidelines for submission of the manuscript. Most of the journals limit the manuscript to 15-20 double-spaced typed pages.

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