Education has a number of functions towards the child as an individual, society, and nation.

Towards the Individual
  1. Education promotes the growth and development of an individual. Education provides growth in whole personality of the child through formal training.
  2. Education provides direction and guidance to the individual. It is helpful to channelize the energy of the child to more productive activities.
  3. Education prepares the child for adult life, so that he can take up responsibilities as an adult.
  4. Education is helpful in conservation of old traditions, values, ideas, customs, etc.
  5. Education is the means of transmitting culture from one generation to another.
  6. Education provides new experiences, unfolds new dimensions of knowledge, and furthers civilization and culture.
  7. Education prepares the individual for a vocation, by helping him acquire knowledge and skills.
  8. Vocational preparation helps in achieving self-reliance and sufficiency.
  9. Educational aims at all round development of the individual, so promotes holistic personality development.
  10. Education is essential for moral and character development.
  11. Education helps in creating awareness about the past and the present and prepares the individual for the future.
  12. Education helps the individual in maintain his livelihood. 

Towards the society
  1. Education promotes the holistic development of individuals, who are the members of the society. This ultimately ensures growth of society in the right direction.
  2. Education prepares good citizens in a civilized society, who can enjoy full privileges, freedom, exercise their rights, and at the same time fulfill the responsibilities towards the society and the nation.
  3. Education is essential for ensuring civilization and cultural security. With the individual sense of civilization and presentation of traditional culture, civilization and culture security is promoted.

Towards the Nation
  1. Education is required for the development of a nation. Education promotes literacy and the availability of the resources.
  2. Education is required to maintain the national integrity. Education widens the thinking of an individual and he can work for the national integration. He can fight against casteism, communalism, regionalism, etc., that act as barrier to the national integrity.
  3. Education prepares the task force, who can provide their services for the smooth functioning of a nation.
  4. Education helps in building up the leaders required for the social, economic, and political growth of a country. The prepared leaders can meet the country’s immediate and future needs and promote stable society required for the growth of a nation.


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