Preservice Education

  • Lack of uniformity due to variety of programmes with diverse curriculum leading to variations in entry level qualifications required for different levels of education.
  • Reduced focus on faculty development.
  • In comparison with the theoretical aspects, less weightage is given to practical aspects of education.
  • Less orientation towards classroom realities.
In-Service Education

  • Requires more coordinated efforts.
  • Training must be based on the findings of needs analysis.
  • Designing of in-service education must show difference in meeting the expectations of various levels of teachers.
  • Privileging based on in-service education can be introduced.
Need for Schemes for development of Teacher Education

  • Current teacher education programmes need revision and evaluation.
  • New teacher education programmes need to be developed based on educational technology.
  • Development of standards and quality indicators of teacher education is needed.
  • Improve administration through capacity building of trainers.
  • Monitor the outcomes of teacher education.
  • Synchronize the work to reach the desired goals.
Approaches for Improving the Quality of Teacher Education
Some approaches for improving the quality teacher education are as follows:

  • Creation of ideal institute for teacher education in every state by the central government.
  • Development of centres of resource for teacher education for learning materials.
  • Promoting need-based continuing education and strengthening of teaching capacities of educators.
  • Updating of preservice education programmes.
  • Encouragement of follow-up studies and follow-up activities.
  • Conversion of all the teacher education programmes to the university level.
  • Making available of online distance education for continuous education.
  • Institution of all-inclusive colleges of education.
  • Formation of state boards or teacher education.
  • Continuous updation of teacher education curriculum.
  • Increasing importance on direct teaching experience.
  • Recuperating the quality of support system for teacher education.
  • Strengthening of databases to support policies and decision-making.
  • Introducing licensing and grading system for teachers to professionalize teaching.
  • Continuous appraisal of teacher education institutions and their programmes. 


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