1. Purposeful Activity 
      Education is an activity that has purpose all the time, irrespective of formal, informal, or        nonformal nature. The purpose may vary according to the need of the educant or the need of the society.
  2.  Deliberate Process
     Education is a deliberately planned process, which guides the student throughout and helps in attaining knowledge, attitude and skills using the available resources.

  3. Planned Activity Based on Objectives
     Educational activity is based on objectives. It is a carefully planned process with short-term and long-term objectives. Well-framed objectives make the education process to move in the right direction.

4.  Education is Influenced by Society
   Education and society go hand in hand. Societal changes can influence education at the same time education leads to the changes in the society. Success of any education system lies in understanding this reciprocating relationship between education and society.

5. Education is Influenced by Technological Advancements
    Use of technology makes wider availability of education and also improves the quality of education. Development in technology brings about changes and shift in educational goals, which in turn stimulates the emergence of newer techniques.


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