The end of any Professional education is the attainment of sufficient knowledge with appropriate action. A
health professional is wise but unable to act means he/she is a   defective product. This awareness has resulted in the shifting of
a-Passive teaching to active learning.
b-Transmission of biomedical knowledge to development of professional skills  & attitude
c-Verbal media- to Audiovisual media.
One of the vital components of the  interaction between the   Teacher & the taught  is effective communication  which is at present  achieved through   the development of  audio-visual computer technologies to the extent of making  self learning modules for the students.
The medical education technology is so advanced  through virtual reality -ie- computer based -3D interactive program.    Computers,  the 5th major revolution in education have become obiquitous today - seen in every walks of life ,especially the computers with multimedia capacity -added with sound ,animation  & 3D video. Eg- the effect on  the  student of 3D image of the internal ear, or animation of heart valve functioning
Traditional animation is   to create images which show an object in a movement & to direct us to think as if it moves by the help of playing these sequence of  hand - painted images one after another at a high speed ( 14-30 /sec)

2D - Computer animation
Digital drawings are made on a computer screen in adobe photoshop or hand - drawn/ printed diagrams are scanned in computer .All the simulated tools are available in the tool option - pencil,rubber,paint,brush etc.

3D- Computer Animation
In projecting  a 2D picture one after another  which are rendered  by means of width ,length, depth, in the space supplied by  computer software. The user's commands - the computer calculates  the details like movement, color, light,& perspective  of objects on the created visual stage  accurately & gives the outcome as as in image ,using sound music ,effects, that support the image can take the animation to it's goal so easily

General Advantages
1-      In the movie field
2-      TV educational programs
3-      Medical  education
a-      for health  care professional
b-      for Medical  & allied health science students
c-      for health care education of patients regarding  various procedures
d-     Mass media health education program
e-      Medical website design & development

Medical Animations  in Macromedia  Flash format
1-      Flash media is available in most of the computer systems
2-      The file size is very small- it opens quickly.
3-      It can be made interactive

Medical Animations are available

To  demonstrate
a-       Human  anatomy
b-       Physiology
c-      Genesis of  pathological lesions
d-     Signs & symptoms of illness
e-      Various Surgical techniques & procedures
f-       Principles of various investigations & interpretations of results


a-      Animation has an  important role in  Medical education along with its  unique  value of grasping
b-       It makes  the  unseen  visible, making the abstract thoughts concrete, very close to the real appearance eg:- the blood cells flowing  in the circulation ,the fluid dynamics inside a working heart.
c-      Most animations are simple smooth & easily understood -have direct influence on the learning & understanding skills, since  it has the motion features ,the events that can not be filmed with camera in real life is shown step by step -Eg- the blood clotting mechanism .
d-     It helps to attract the audience by giving a richer expression in an ordinary way
e-      We can replace a real narrator using the animated image.
f-       The whole thing can be reproduced at any time  any place using the CD .
g-      For the students ,the digital class,the animations  in terms of visuality , attractiveness, arousing attention,easiness in perception  makes  the  learning so effective .

Problems & Limitations
a-It is inadequate for a candidate  to develop psychomotor skill through virtual reality
b-All topics cannot be taught with this .
c-Producing an animation is quite tedious, time consuming .
d-Faculty  involvement in the class room is little .

However  the Medical animations are having its wide applications  among Health care Professionals, all students of  Medical/Dental/Nursing/Pharmacy & Allied  paramedical courses,  all Hospitals ,Private practitioners  , Medical representatives


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