12 Tips To Fight Cancer

1. Drink Ample of Water

Water is a vital element for our existence. Drinking water in adequate quantity will ensure perfect functioning of the digestive system, flawless bladder operation, hydration, and tonnes of other benefits.

2. Keep a Tab On Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol is linked to numerous types of cancer, especially breast cancer in women, and hence it is advisable to consume less or no alcohol if possible. Breast cancer can also occur in obese males, and hence, precautionary measures need to be taken.

3. Drink Green Tea

Green tea has always been a staple diet of Asians, and hence it is an observed trend that constant green tea drinkers are capable of eliminating the risk of a variety of cancer, especially prostate cancer. So grab that mug and pour yourself some healthy tea.

4. Keep Exercising

Keeping your body fit and yourself active is the easiest and fail-safe method to stop your body from malfunctioning. This will ensure you’re keeping a tab on your weight and keeping away all the cancer for good.

5. Avoid Smoking

Smoking is the main killer when it comes to lung cancer. A deadly and addictive element, tobacco’s fatality quotient is quite high on every scale. Don’t smoke, and if you are addicted to smoking, quit it, pronto!

6. Eat Garlic

We Indians have it easy in this case. Garlic being a staple ingredient in every Indian dish, it provides a treasure chest of sulphur compounds that may stimulate the immune system’s natural defences against cancer, and may have the potential to reduce tumour growth!

7. Reduce Red Meat Consumption

Animal fat has an affinity of running higher risk in many types of cancer, especially colon cancer. Reducing red meat consumption will ensure lesser stress on your digestive system and lesser chances of cancer. Poultry or fish meat is preferred in such cases.

8. Eat Smart

Avoid food products that are loaded with high percentage of calories. Fat free and natural food should always be consumed. Avoiding food products with artificial sweetners also helps in cutting down the risk of cancer. Stick to high-fibre food loaded with all the necessary active ingredients.

9. Eat Green

Keeping a healthy vegetarian diet comprising of green vegetables like broccoli, spinach, etc. drastically cuts down the risk of running prostate cancer and even heart diseases. That’s not all; they’re known to pack a treasure chest of other vital elements that help you keep fit and strong!

10. Check Family History

Genetics and the works play a major role in cancer. A family with cancer history runs a greater risk of keeping the trend intact for the following generations. Have a thorough look at your family’s illness history and consult a doctor for a professional perspective.

11. Cut Down Supplements

Remember a golden rule, anything artificial that isn’t a part of your body and its functioning shouldn’t be consumed. Do you exercise? Stop taking those muscle enhancing supplements. Actively consume antibiotics and fairly unnecessary medicines? Search for safer natural alternative. Keeping your body clean and pure from within goes a long way!

12. Have Regular Check-ups

Cancer is a disease that isn’t usually visible in most of the cases, and neither can it be deciphered from its symptoms in the early stage. Hence, go for regular check-ups. A routine check-up will help you in keeping a tab over your body, detect early stage cancer if any, as well as ease the stress of any cancer-related apprehension in the older age!


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