Overall plan of rotation of all students in a particular educational institution, showing the placement of the students belonging to total programme (4 years in B.Sc., N and 3 years in GNM) includes both theory and practice denoting the study block, partial block, placement of student in clinical blocks, team nursing, examinations, vacation, co-curricular activities etc.
Master rotation plan is an overall plan which shows rotation of all the students in a particular educational institution.
- (Nurses of India-Journal)
Master rotation plan shows the placement of the students belonging to various groups/classes in a clinical nursing as well as community.
- (Nurses of India-Journal)
Master rotation plan denotes duration of the placement that includes theoretical block, partial block (Half clinical, half theory block) and clinical block.
- (Nurses of India-Journal)
  • Availability of an advance plan before implementation of curricular activity during an academic year, for the entire programme.
  • All concerned are aware of the placement of students in clinical fields.
  • Co-ordination becomes more effective when theory, practice correlates and integrity exits.
  • Helps the students and teachers to prepare themselves for working in the areas. .
  • Effective co-ordination can be made for smooth running of organizational activities between the faculty and service staff.
  • Evaluation of the programme is more effective.
  • It helps to make tentative advance plans for leave or vacation.
  • Plan in accordance with the curriculum plan for entire course/programme.
  • Plan in advance for each students in the class for all years.
  • Plan the activities by following maxims of teaching.
  • Post the students based on their background preparation and
  • the extent of guidance available.
  • Select areas that can provide expected learning experience.
  • Plan to build on pervious experiences. 
  •  Acquaint the clinical staff/clinical supervisor with clinical objectives and rotation plan. 
  •  Plan for all students to enter and leave at same time schedule.
  •  Rotate each student through each learning experience or block.
  • Provide each clinical experience of same duration to all the students. 

    1. It shows the relationship between classroom teaching and experience.
    2. Each area of clinical experience is indicated by a code to which a guide is attached.
    3. The period of clinical experience vary in length each year but total duration of such experience is the same for all students.
    4. Students of one class are divided into group and rotated through same clinical areas.
    5. It is prepared in advance for the whole year.
    6. It gives complete and clear picture about the students.
    7. It must include period of vacation teaching block, preparation time, examination and vacation.
    8. The teacher should be aware of the student's placement.
    9. Overlapping particular area or shortage in particular area can be noted. 
    10.  The teacher should follow Indian nursing council and university syllabus. 
    11.  The teacher should consider all three domains.
      1. Cognitive domain: It includes knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis and evaluation.
      2. Affective domain: It includes receiving, responding valuing organization and characterization.
      3. Psychomotor domain: It includes imitation, manipulation precision, articulation and naturalism.
      • Objective of the courses
      • Number of students in the class.
      • Number of department or areas.
      • Size of the department e.g.: Surgical ward, MSW, FSW & post operative ward.
      • Duration of experiences.
      • Number of persons available for supervision.
      • Indian nursing council university requirements.
      1. Correlate theory and practice.
      2. Participate in teaching, supervision and evaluation. 
      3. Prepare the students in theory block before they enter the clinical block.
      4. Maintain adequate and regular attendance at both the classroom and clinical areas.
      5. Report to the principal or concerned person for the any change or modification.
      6. Plan for regular meeting to evaluate the effectiveness of a plan


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