Community Health Nursing Quiz Series - 31

NCLEX Quiz Series   

Anatomy and Physiology

Blood C       Components of blood                   Red Blood Cell (RBC)                     White Blood Cell (WBC)               Immunoglobulin (Ig) & Immunity                        Platelets                    Bleeding profile                   Blood group            

Cardiovascular SystemC                        Heart              Chamber of hear                Heart valve & Heart sound                      Conduct system                  ECG                Blood Pressure                    Blood vessels          

Endocrine SystemC                     Concept of Endocrine system                 Pituitary gland         Thyroid gland                      Parathyroid gland              Pancreatic Islets                 Adrenalin gland                 

Urinary SystemC              Concept of urinary system                       Bladder           

Male Reproductive System



Nervous SystemC            Structure                  Meninges                  Parts of Brain              Spinal Cord               Cranial Nerves

Respiratory SystemC                  Basic Structure                    Lungs             Respiratory Process                       Lung Function Test

Digestive SystemC                      Basic Structure                    Mouth or Oral Cavity             Oesophagus and Stomach                       Intestine                    Pancreas                   Liver               Miscellaneous Term

Skeleton SystemC                       Basic Structure                    Vertebral Column                      Skull               Appendicular Skeleton                  Joint              

Cell and TissueC               Cell                 Tissue             Muscle Tissue                      DNA and Chromosome                 Miscellaneous         


Fundamental of Nursing

Fluid Balance & Imbalance                                  Acid-base Balance and Imbalance                 Electrolytes Balance & Imbalance                     Blood Transfusion              Oxygen Administration                 IV Infusion                Administration of Medication                 Lab Specimen                      Positions                   Diagnostic Tools

Vital SignsC            Temperature                        Pulse              Respiration               Blood Pressure

Heat & Cold Application               Diarrhoea and Constipation                    Enema                       Body Mechanism                Unconscious (GCS) & Dying Patient                       Pre & Post Operative Nursing                 Barrier Nursing                      Nursing Process                  Tracheostomy, ET Intubation                Nasogastric Lavage & Gavage                 Orthopaedic Procedure like Traction or Bandages etc.                    Lumber Puncture               Paracentesis & Chest Drainage System                        Urinary Catheterization & Irrigation                    Bed Sore & Wound Care              Wound Care             Other Miscellaneous Procedure             Nursing Theory, Ethics & As a Profession                        Hospital Set up                                                      

Medical – Surgical Nursing

Blood C        Anaemia                    Haemophilia             Leukemia                  Hodgkin’s Disease 

Cardiovascular SystemC                        Hypertension                       Myocardial Infarction (MI)                      ECG changes in MI             Medical Management of MI                   Risk factor of MI & CAD                Angina                       Heart failure                        Shock             Cardiac arrest & Heart Block                      Ventricular Flutter, Fibrillation, Tachycardia              Valvular Defect                   Venous Insufficiency                      Vascular Disorder               Embolism, Thromboembolism, DIC & DVT                Carditis         

Endocrine SystemC                     Hypo & Hyperthyroidism              Cushing’s Syndrome & Addison’s Disease              Pheochromocytoma                      Diabetes Inspidus               Diabetes Mellitus (DM)                DKA (Diabetic Ketoacidosis)    

Urinary SystemC              Renal calculi             Renal failure             Nephrotic Syndrome                     Glomerulonephritis                        BPH                UTI                  Miscellaneous

SkinC                       Burn               Other Skin disorder

EyeC             Cataract & Glaucoma       

Nervous SystemC                        Meningitis                Epilepsy                     Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS)              CVA or Stroke                      Parkinsonism                       Bell’s Palsy                Myasthenia Gravis             Trigeminal Neuralgia                     Head Injury              Spinal Injury             Brain Tumour                      Miscellaneous

Respiratory SystemC                  COPD             Epistaxis                    Pneumonia               ARDS              Pneumothorax                    Other Miscellaneous Disorder               

Digestive SystemC                      Liver Disorder                      Hepatitis                   Pancreatic Disorder                       Disorder of Biliary System                        Gastroenteritis, Gastritis and Peptic & Duodenal Ulcer                  Inflammatory Bowel Disorder (Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn’s Disease)                     Haemorrhoids                      Appendicitis             Other Intestinal Disorder             Other Miscellaneous                     Metabolism 

Skeleton SystemC                       Fracture                    Osteoporosis                        Osteomyelitis                       Arthritis                    


Growth & Development

Concept of growth and development               Play                            Common Health Problem of new born                  Respiratory Distress          KMC in Hypothermia                        Fontanel Breast feeding               APGAR Score                        Physiological and Pathological Jaundice                      Preterm and Post Term New Born             Developmental Milestone                       Reflex


Child Health Nursing

Introduction to Child Health Nursing                Chromosomal & Other Congenital Disorder

Central Nervous System

Cardiovascular DisorderC                     Tetralogy of Fallot              Rheumatic Fever               

Gastrointestinal DisorderC                   Pyloric Stenosis                   Celiac Disease                      Intussusception                   Diarrhea                    Megacolon               Phenylketonuria                  Cleft Lip & Palate

Respiratory Disorder

Genito-Urinary Disorder

Mental Health Nursing

Introduction to Mental Health               Psychopathology                Models of Care (ECT)

PsychopharmacologyC               Anti-Psychotic                     Mood Stabilizer (Lithium)                   Antidepressant                    Sedative-Hypnotic Drug               Other Miscellaneous Drugs                    

Psychotherapy                     Therapeutic communication

Psychiatric DisordersC               Schizophrenia                      BPD or Affective Disorder (Mania or Depression)                   Phobia                       Eating Disorder                   Substance Abuse                Personality Disorder                    Dementia & Delirium (Organic Disorder)                     Grief               Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADH) or any Other Childhood Developmental Disorder                  Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)                    Anxiety Disorder                 Other Miscellaneous Disorders                                                     

Community Health Nursing

Vaccination              Cold chain                BCG                Polio Vaccine                       MMR             Vitamin                      Other Miscellaneous Vaccine                 Level of Prevention                        Health promotion               Mother Child Health (MCH)                        Health Communication                 Contraceptives                    Demography and Epidemiology                         Mortality and Morbidity               Indicator of health             Epidemiological Term                   Bio-Medical Waste            HFA, Health Delivery System and PHC                       Health Planning in India Including National, International Health Agencies & Professional Bodies                        National Health Programme                  Environmental Hygiene                     Occupational Health                      Disaster Management                        Vital Health Statistics                    Home visit                Miscellaneous         


Communicable Diseases

Measles                     Chickenpox               AIDS               Typhoid                     Diphtheria and Shick Test                        Tuberculosis                         Malaria                      Polio               Cholera                      Mumps                      Dengue                      Rabies                        Leprosy                      Whooping Cough (Pertusis)                     STD                 Plague                        Kala azar                   Other Communicable diseases  


Introduction to Nutrition             Lipids             Protein                      Carbohydrate                       Vitamins                    Vitamin A                  Vitamin B Complex             Vitamin C                  Vitamin D                             Vitamin E                  Vitamin K                  Minerals                    National Nutritional Programme                 PEM               Miscellaneous        

Maternal Nursing

Female Reproductive System                 Gynaecology                        Pelvis              Fetal Head                Position, Presentation, Lie, Attitude and Embryonic Development             Placenta, Amniotic Fluid, Umbilical Cord and Fetal Circulation                     Normal Pregnancy             Complication related to Pregnancy, DM During Pregnancy             APH (Placenta Previa & Placenta Abruptia)                     Abortion                    Ectopic Pregnancy              Molar Pregnancy or Hydatidiform Mole                      Rh Incompatibility                    Twin Pregnancy                  Labour                       Puerperium and its Complication (PPH)                      Lochia                        Surgical Obstetric              


Psychology and Sociology

Introduction to Psychology                      Ego Defence Mechanism              Maslow’s Hierarchy of Need                   Intelligence and their Test                        Personality               Emotion                    Learning                    Miscellaneous                     

SociologyC             Introduction to sociology             Marriage                   Family


Sterilization              Infection                   Microorganism


Introduction to Pharmacology                NSAID            Opiates                      Antibiotic                  Poisoning, Antidote & Anaphylactic Reaction                        Emergency Drugs               Body Mass Index (BMI)                Diuretic                     Miscellaneous         

Nursing Education

Introduction to Education & Philosophy                      Teaching-Learning Process                      Method of Teaching                      Instructional Media (AV Aids)                   Measurement and Evaluation                 Other Miscellaneous Issue

Nursing Management & Administration                  

Introduction to Management & Administration                    Quality Assurance & Audit             Delegation                Leadership                Span of Control                      Supervision               Material Management (Inventory)                        Financial Management (Budgeting)                  Human Resource Management                Job Description                   Record and Report                       Ward Management                       Other Miscellaneous Issue

Nursing Research and Statistics

Introduction to Nursing Research                     Hypothesis                Types of Research Approach/Design                     Research Variables             Sampling                        Research Tools                    Review of Literature                      Other Miscellaneous Issue of Research Process                    Statistics                        Reliability and Validity                  Scales of Measurement                Other Issues of Statistics


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