It’s All a Lie! 10 Food Myths To Clear

We all have heard of myths about almost everything from everyone. And foods are no exception to this.

Trimming down the list to ten, here are some of the famous myths on food that needs clarification for people’s knowledge.

  1. Eating ice cream when you have a cold will only make it worse. No. This is not true. You can eat ice cream even if you have a cold. In fact, frozen dairy products can relieve sore throat.

  2. Drink milk, it’s good for your bones. Yes milk is a great source for calcium and vitamin D essential for stronger bones, but there are no direct proof yet that links milk and fewer broken bones.

  3. Having late night snack will make you fat. Though it is true that the stomach digest foods slowly when we sleep, having light and healthy snack will not result to obesity. Just keep in mind not to eat too close to bedtime.

  4. Frozen fruits and vegetables are unhealthy. Wrong. They are still as healthy as the fresh ones. Frozen fruits and vegetables are flash-frozen right after picking which locks all the nutrients that our body needs. 

  5. Foods dropped on the floor is still safe to eat within five seconds. Clearly, this is ridiculous. Bacteria can contaminate food within milliseconds, though moist foods can attract more bacteria than the dry ones. However, food safety will also depend on how clean the surface or floor is.

  6. Eggs increases cholesterol. Avoiding eggs is unnecessary to keep the body’s cholesterol level from rising.  Depriving yourself on eating eggs means you’re missing out the health benefits you may get. Keep in mind that saturated and trans fat affects the cholesterol level, which eggs has little of. 

  7. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. It takes more than an apple to be healthy even it is a rich source of vitamins, minerals and fiber. Right diet, exercise and healthy living will contribute to a healthier life, but won’t change the fact that one still needs to see the doctor for check-ups.

  8. Need to stay awake for the long drive? Drink coffee. Absolutely not true. Yes,  coffee contains caffeine, a stimulant that keeps you awake and alert after drinking, but it also makes you anxious and restless. It’s better to call a cab to reach your destination or have enough sleep to keep your energy for the journey.

  9. Wine is good, beer and other liquor is not. Consuming alcohol, whether wine, beer, whiskey, etc., in moderate amount can raise good cholesterol level in our body. It can help reduce risk of heart diseases with the right diet and exercise.

  10. Chocolate gives you acne. Eating chocolate doesn’t necessarily cause acne or bad skin. Antioxidants found in dark chocolates can help the body detoxify and improve our skin complexion.

The list could go on and on. Hopefully, busting these myths have helped clear out misconceptions about foods we eat.  


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