5 Ways Nurses Can Stay Safe

As healthcare workers, the first priority of nurses are the wellness and safety of their patients.

Nurses work in close proximity to people, helping patients move thus acquiring some injuries themselves.

Every nurses has the thinking that aches and pains do go with their job but taking care of the patients without the possibility of an injury should also be considered.

Lifting and transferring patients is the most common causes of back injury or muscle pain among nurses and this can cause not only your health but your career as well.

Below are five ways which nurses can do to stay safe as possible while carrying out their job as healthcare workers.

  1. Know when’s the right time to exit.  Sometimes, a certain situation makes a nurse uncomfortable. If this is the case, call a co-nurse or simply step away.
  2. Use available equipment or devices to help you do things easily. Don’t torture yourself. There are things nurses can use to perform other tasks with ease and avoid injury at the same time.
  3. Protect yourself against needlesticks. Some diseases or illnesses can be acquired when pricked by needles that have come from carriers of pathogens. Extra precautions and proper procedures should be exercise by nurses when handling needles.
  4. Always promote safety. Costly or not, having a safe work environment, especially in healthcare institutions is a must.
  5. Practice cleanliness. Nurses must wear gloves and wash their hands often as they are exposed to patients’ bodily secretions which may contain infectious agents.

What can you add to these nurses?


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