Using the therapeutic relationship, the nurse
performs the role of counsellor to help people focus on a goal or outcome and develop strategies that support self-care and enable individuals and their families to take responsibility for and participate in decisions about their health.

  • He/she can provide a range of services including education, research and knowledge sharing, evidence informed practices; system navigation and communication.
  • Nurses can provide an opportunity for people to work towards living in a more satisfying and resourceful way and use a range of counseling skills.
  • Nurse can assist the people to be supported, to gain insight and to bring about change in thoughts, feelings and behavior.
    • Nurse can provide intake coordination, assessment, treatment (including counseling, group therapies) and follow-up care for children, youth, adults, seniors and their  families with addictions, mental illness and mental problems using common
  • assessment tools.
  • Nurses does supervision/monitoring of medication and application of psychosocial skills. With ongoing evaluation of outcomes, nurses can make appropriate referrals depending on  the identified needs of the person and address issues of stigma associated with having mental illness.


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