Making an Unoccupied Bed

Objectives of Making an Unoccupied Bed
  1. To meet the patient’s need by providing a safe comfortable bed.
  2. For neatness and tidiness.
Principles of Bedmaking: (Techniques vary but principles are the same).
  1. Have everything ready on hand before starting.
  2. Remember that the bed is made for use, for durability and comfort and that it should have a finished appearance.
  3. Place all linen on perfectly straight line on the bed, otherwise , it would be impossible to make bed tight and free from wrinkles.
  4. All comes should look neat, smooth and firm.
  5. Throughout the procedure, the nurse should study her movements so as to avoid waste of time and energy
  6. When finished inspect the bed and see if it measures to the highest standard of health and comfort of the patient economy of time, effort and materials and smooth finished appearance
Note: Do not use torn linen and in private rooms avoid stained linen.
Equipments Needed:
  • 2 large sheets
  • Rubber sheet
  • Draw sheet
  • Pillow case
  • Bath towel & wash cloth
  • Pillow & mosquito net p.r.n
  • Additional for private rooms
  • Woolen blanket top sheet
  • Extra pillow with pillow case
  • Hand towel
  • Bedspread or coverlet
  1. Gather all equipment and place at the bedside table and arrange them in the order of their use.
  2. Get bottom sheet and spread it lengthwise on mattress with the center fold at center of bed, with right side up and with narrow them even with foot of mattress. Tuck the head part and miter the corner nearest to you by bring the side of the sheet at night angle to the side of the mattress. Then tuck from the head part making a boxlike appearance going down to the foot part.
  3. Place the rubber sheet 15 to 18 inches from the edge of the mattress. Put the draw sheet over the rubber sheet giving an allowance of one inch longer than the rubber sheet at the head part and luck both together.
  4. Place the top sheet with the wrong side up wider harm at the head part in line with the upper edge of the mattress and with the centerfold along the middle of the bed. Tuck the foot part and miter the corner. Leave the side free.
  5. Go to the other side of the bed.
  6. Full the bottom sheets firmly, tuck at head part miter the corner and tuck the sides working towards the foot.
  7. Adjust the rubber sheet and draw sheet, pull them firmly and tuck them in separately.
  8. Tuck top sheet at food part and miter the corner. Leave side free. Fold back top part about 14 inches.
  9. Put the pillowcase and lay pillow flat on bed with the open and of case away from the main door.
  10. In the private room fold down the top sheet 18 inches away from the head part of the bed. Place a bedspread on top.
  11. Hang the bath towel, hand towel and washcloth on rack
  12. Straighten bed, bedside table and replace chair


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