Nursing Beyond Its Scope – Expanded Role of Nurses

I m proud of Nurse, just because  he or she  makes impossible a possible, folding in many jobs into one single job , he or she plays  number of roles, he or she is  flexible among health professionals , a multi-talented, multi skilled and responsible of all. Well i am talking about extended  Nursing care responsibilities and expanded roles.     

Nursing is not just a job instead a profession where one needs to adapt for the burdens imposed by Doctor`s , patient`s , public , political parties, policy makers etc. To answer all these concerns there is only one person called Nurse , do you think it’s easy and gettable on the toe!!

Some of the Nursing roles which are beyond Nursing are
Nurse Practitioner, Clinical nurse specialist, Nurse Anesthetist, Nurse Researcher, Nurse Administrator, Nurse Educator, Care Giver., Nurse Advocate, Nurse Entrepreneur, Nurse Communicator, Nurse Manager. Nurse Counselor and so on.

Nurse Practitioner
A nurse with an advanced education and he or she is a graduate of a nurse practitioner.
Patient prefers to receive care from nurse practitioner than from a doctor. Nurse practitioners provide health care to client usually in an out-patient ambulatory care or community based settings. They provide more holistic approach, attending to symptoms of non-pathological conditions, comfort and comprehensiveness of care. He or She can be an Adult nurse practitioner, Family nurse practitioner, Pediatrics nurse practitioner, Acute care nurse practitioner, Gerontology Nurse practitioner

Clinical Nurse Practitioners
The clinical nurse practitioners may specialize in specific disease/Area of Nursing instead of a vague working pattern . He or She may be specialized in diabetes mellitus, cancer or cardiac problems or in a specific field such as pediatrics or gerontology.

Nurse Anesthetist
A certified registered nurse anesthetist is a registered nurse who has received advanced training in an accredited program in anesthesiology. Nurse anesthetist provides surgical anesthesia under the guidance and supervision of an anesthesiologist.

Nurse Researcher
He or She is specialized in investigate nursing problems to improve nursing care and to refine and expand nursing knowledge. Researcher involves action taken to implement studies to determine the actual effect of nursing care to further the scientific base of nursing, can include all nurses, nurse scientist, graduates and students.

Nurse Administrator
Nurse Manager’s position usually requires at least bachelor degree in nursing, and director and nurse executive positions generally requires a master degree. Chief nursing executive and vice-resident positions in large health care organization often need preparation at the doctorate level.

Nurse Educator
Nurse educator teaches patients and families, the community, other health care team member, students, business and government.  Nurse educators in the health care team; teach other team members about the patient and family and why different intervention may have varying degrees of success .She serves as teacher for next generation of nurse and staff development department of health care agencies and client education department.


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