Nursing education is a professional education, which has been undergoing continuous change since its evolution. Its dynamic change nature has been promoting continuous growth and development of trends. Some of the current trends have arisen from general education and some are seen due to change in nursing.

  1. The curriculum development in nursing education is based on competency and focusing on the output of the students. It invites students' participation and responsibility for learning.
  2. Innovations in teaching and learning like online programmes, use of technology, web-based learning, and computer-assisted learning are being used increasingly to promote intellectual personal, and career development.
  3. Educational quality assurance is a process of monitoring and evaluating efficiency and effectiveness of educational programme. As the nursing education is flourishing in government and private sector in India, there is the need for accreditation of the system and the process. Preparation of nursing personnel should be of good quality. So, this is the high time to prepare a quality index of nursing institutions all over the country by categorizing them into different grades, based on infrastructure and faculty profile.
  4. Nursing education is preparing the students to provide high-tech and high-touch patient care with the help of technology and sophisticated gadgets. 
  5. Current trends in nursing education are preparing global nurses, who have transnational acceptance.
  6. Nowadays, short-term programmes are becoming more popular than regular postgraduate programmes in nursing. At the same time,
    there are opportunities for higher education. Now, a nurse soon after completion of her basic professional qualification can pursue higher education.
  7. Nursing is emerging as specialty. Previously, nursing was considered to be general care, but now it has emerged as specialty  nursing to meet the needs of patients of different categories.
  8. Government's role in promoting higher education in nursing is getting diminished and private sectors are coming forward to play the dominant role in promotion of nursing education.
  9. Uniformity and standardization of nursing education is becoming possible, because of the initiative of the Indian Nursing Council.
  10. As a result of many upcoming colleges of nursing that are promoting graduate and post-graduate courses in nursing, the shortage of nurse educator is overcome to great extent. Now, there is the need for having qualified nursing personnel in administration and research, who can further promote growth of nursing education at in-service education level. 



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